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I've been taking pictures for a million years and it has always been about looking and sharing and (most of the time) celebrating the world around us.

It's about breathing light through our eyes.

It's about capturing the essence of a moment, and storing it for later like candy in a jar.

It's about sharing feelings that we can't put words on

It's about showing 'the truth', but a subjective truth that says as much about the subject as it does about the photographer...

So, that's me.

I was born in France in 1967, grew up with National Geographic but really got serious about photography at the age of 16 (with a Fujica STX-1N SLR and its impressive 50mm f1.8 lens). I fell in love with black&white photography when I discovered my university had a darkroom hidden beneath the underground parking. I spent a lot of time there and in my own darkroom, and then I covered a lot of weddings, visited a number of exotic countries, and jumped onto the digital bandwagon as soon as Nikon came out with a digital SLR (the D100).

Today,  my focus is on showing my work more extensively, and continuing to explore the infinite photo opportunities offered by Nature and New York City, among other subjects.

I live in Brooklyn, NY and work mainly with a Nikon D7100 and an iPhone 6, 8, 12, whatever ....

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